Leap of Faith: Indiana Jones

A wise man named Alex Birnberg once told me: “Trust is a choice. No one can ever prove themselves trustworthy enough. At some point you have to decide, will you trust them or not.”

What is 100% trustworthy? Good question.

Variation is the norm for life. It’s the expectation. Everything is changing. The saying goes, ‘the only sure thing is change’. We know this. And yet we know that we need to trust to move ahead and make things happen. Trust is bizarre that way. Rationally, it’s hard to justify, but in reality, we know that we need to do it.

Trust is never blind. It can’t be. Even if we were to be literal and picture ourselves blindfolded with a decision about trust, that would only account for physical blindness. We make decisions based on what we know about the situation or based on life experiences that remind us how we want to act. No matter how you break it down, the answer to ‘will I trust’ is always calculated.

But what is special about trusting someone is in the moment of doing it. Because in that moment there is something unexplainable and yet very moving. That is the leap of faith. That’s the hope. The possibility. The extension of belief in someone else. That’s powerful.

When received and returned – that choice turns into something truly remarkable.

And, like Indy, now we’re crossing chasms.

Chasing the holy grail, well, that’s up to you.